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Are Blended Green Smoothies Really Healthy?

Blending these items into a smoothie not only offers more benefits, but is also cheaper and very convenient. Besides offering the ability to make smoothies on a leaner budget than is possible with a juicer or Magic Bullet, one can also extract more nutrition from what they’re consuming by using a blender to make a green smoothie.

Unlike juices, smoothies are comprised of all the components of the vegetable/fruit. Blending helps break the fiber apart, thus making the items easier to digest. Smoothies also result in a gradual release of nutrients into the bloodstream, thus avoiding spikes in blood sugar. They also tend to be more filling due to the high fiber content. There are several other reasons why one should consider blending their smoothies for more health benefits.

Easier to Enhance Nutrition

Smoothies offer a great avenue to eat greens without even realizing it. On average, one needs about 6 cups of greens and fruits per day. It can however prove daunting to incorporate vegetables and fruits into all meals in the right proportions. By blending these items into smoothies, one can even get their daily requirement by sipping away at the drink throughout the day.

Retains Most of the Nutritional Components

When one blends their fruits and veggies, they’re able to keep the items intact. This means that all the nutrients contained in each item is going to remain in the right amounts. More crucially, the fiber content of whatever was blended remains intact. Fiber is vital in regulating the dietary tract, reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, as well as helping stabilize blood sugars. This way, one is not only gaining by getting to drink their meals as opposed to eating them, but also reaps the benefit of the whole food package instead of only a small portion of it.

Less Time to Convert to Fat

When one consumes solid food, it takes some time for the digestive system to break down what’s contained in the food. This provides a window to extract oils and fats out of foods that aren’t necessarily required and convert them into fat. With a liquefied version of veggies and fruits getting into the system, the body can immediately start converting the food into nutritive value. There’s also less time to convert other components into fats for storage. This aspect of smoothies means that they could be of great benefit for people trying to lose weight.

Boosting Immunity

Making a smoothie is also a good way to consume immune-boosting nutrients, especially when fresh ingredients are used. On the contrary, a ready-made smoothie could have a less-than-ideal combination of ingredients (and consequently, nutrients). By blending a smoothie, one can add various extracts and components that provide immune-boosting antioxidants.

Other Advantages of Smoothies

To make a smoothie, one doesn’t need special equipment besides an ordinary blender. Blending allows one to combine foods that wouldn’t initially be perceived as compatible. For instance, a smoothie could be comprised of kale and blueberries. Adding a few tablespoons of flaxseed would bring in more beneficial fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Because most smoothies tend to be plentiful in fiber and protein, they’re the perfect satisfying meals/snacks.

For the perfect on-the-go meal that provides plenty of nutrients and still keeps one feeling full, a blended green smoothie would easily be the perfect choice. To get the perfect nutritional mix, one should aim for a combination of fruit, veggies, healthy fat and protein. Incorporating fiber into a smoothie also boosts its volume.


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