Does Juicing Have any Health Benefits? ?>

Does Juicing Have any Health Benefits?


Juicing is a trend that has taken the health world by storm; millions of people are now opting to gulp their greens instead of consuming them conventionally. Basically, this involves the extraction of juice from whole vegetables and fruits. But does this carry any health benefits or is it just an empty fad?

What Makes Juice Special?

Most people juice their vegetables in order to consume them in an easily digestible form. When vegetables are juiced, the insoluble fiber is stripped from the produce. And while fiber is still a vital dietary component, removing it enhances the absorption of certain phytonutrients which include enzymes. The result is a better mechanism of delivering nutrients to the body. Also, individuals who find it hard to consume whole vegetables can reap the numerous benefits they have to offer.

Cleansing Properties

Juices don’t require much digestion. Compared to normal solid foods which take hours after consumption to deliver nourishment to the body, juices allow immediate absorption of nutritional components. The rapid absorption means the digestive system rests for a while.

The body can then utilize the saved energy to eliminate old matter that tends to clog the small intestines. It is estimated that the average person holds between 5 to 10 pounds of old, toxic matter in their gut. Replacing some meals with vegetable juices would be an ideal way of releasing the ‘clutter’, giving the digestive system a chance to restore and rejuvenate.

Heart Health

The antioxidant vitamins C and E found in vegetables help curb the damaging effects of free radicals on artery walls. These are known to prevent blood from clotting, sticking and becoming toxic, in addition to helping lower levels of triglycerides. While vitamin C is readily available in most vegetables and fruits, vitamin E can be obtained from spinach, kiwi and asparagus. All these items can be added to the juice recipe.

Detoxifying the Liver

One of the basic functions performed by the liver is to detoxify the body. It is involved in the removal of harmful substances like food additives, environmental toxins, chemicals, preservatives and drugs. These are gotten rid of before they can enter the bloodstream, which would cause harm to the body.

Periodic cleansing of the liver is important in maintaining good health. Fresh juices mitigate the burden on the liver, thus giving it a chance to catch up. The liver can rid itself of accumulated toxic matter, thus allowing it to operate more efficiently.


Almost all vegetables are alkalizing. There are many benefits of maintaining a slightly higher pH in the body. Some of these include: improved bone and joint function, a stronger immune system, improved mental clarity, healthier skin, hair and nails as well as better digestion.

Helping with Food Decision Making

By drinking juices, one focuses on consuming whole fresh food after every few hours. This reduces the burden of constantly pondering on the next meal. Not only does one feel sated, but it also reduces enslavement to one’s addition to foods that are often harmful.

A Good Place to get Started

If you are looking to give this a try but not wanting to spend a lot – the Nutribullet could be exactly what you’re after. The Nutribullet may not have the best reputation but defiantly comes in at a good entry level price. You could pick one up from Amazon or Best Buy for as little as $80. For an in-depth review on the machine with video, take a look at the nutribullet reviews by Blender Republic. If after using the Nutribullet for a while you decide to step things up, a Vitamix or Blendtec would be a good option – more below.


It should however be noted that drinking vegetable juices isn’t the sole way to stay healthy. Juices should instead be combined with a balanced nutritional plan. The body requires far much more than the nutrients contained in vegetables and fruits.

Juicing is a great way to add nutrients from green produce that one would otherwise struggle to consume. There are many other benefits of drinking freshly juiced vegetables and fruits. It helps introduce variety while still getting vital nutrients. One can easily make juice at home with a juicer or purchase freshly squeezed juices from a local juice bar.

Comparing the Vitamix to the Blendtec ?>

Comparing the Vitamix to the Blendtec

Although one doesn’t really need expensive equipment to make a green smoothie, the choice of blender still makes a difference. This is especially so when looking at the prep time needed, effort required and the results as well. When looking for a high-performance blender, most consumers will likely find themselves comparing two famous brands, namely Blendtec and Vitamix.

Vitamix vs Blendtec – Which Blender Wins?

Being among the world’s top performers, both brands are all relatively pricey. All models under each manufacturer have incredibly powerful motors that will grind fruits whole, turn vegetables into liquid and drastically reduce the time it takes to make a smoothie. So, who takes the crown in the Vitamix vs Blendtec clash?


Blendtec clearly has the edge here. All models under this brand are equipped with motors whose horsepower exceeds 3-peak, with the latest models rated at 15A/1725W. Most Vitamix blenders are rated at 2-peak horsepower, with the exception being newer models whose rating stands at 2.2-peak horsepower.

In reality though, most users would have a hard time distinguishing smoothies made in either blenders. This is because both produce a creamy consistency in addition to heating up soups using only the friction created by the spinning blades. As such, one wouldn’t really miss out on power, regardless of the model chosen. Any model offered by either manufacturer would be well equipped to handle the ingredients one puts in.

Blending Controls

Vitamix blenders use a dial with a toggle switch. This makes speed control easy because one only needs to twist the dial. As such, one is able to control the speed that needs to be applied to various ingredients in order to liquidize them.

Blendtec’s machines are controlled via buttons located on a touch pad. Generally, a Blendtec blender will either have an illuminated touchpad or integrated buttons with preset controls. This makes it easy to choose a type of control to be used for the blending process.

In a nutshell, Vitamix blenders are ideal for those seeking simplicity. If one wants high-tech controls, then the technology utilized in Blendtec models could satisfy their needs. The choice would largely come down to personal preference.

Design and Practicality

Both manufacturers offer blenders that are quite big and bulky; the average blender measures between 15-20 inches in height and could weigh up to 12 pounds. Older Vitamix models tend to be taller due to the larger, 64-ounce container and taller bases. Such blenders are too tall to fit under a typical kitchen cabinet. However, newer Vitamix machines feature a redesigned base in addition to containers that are shorter and wider.

These newer blenders should easily fit under a kitchen cabinet. Most Blendtec models are designed with the typical kitchen cupboard in mind, which gives them an edge as far as design goes. But it would still be worthwhile considering the newer Vitamix versions.


Blendtec offers an 8-year warranty on their new models with their refurbished counterparts coming with a 7-year warranty. For Vitamix, the warranty period stands at 7 years for their new models. However, the TurboBlend Two Speed has a 5-year warranty, which is the same guarantee period offered for refurbished models.

Vitamix also offers an extended 3-year warranty for both new and reconditioned devices if one forks out a further $75, but only during initial checkout. Those who want this option after the original purchase are still eligible, although it will cost a further $120 at this time. Blendtec’s blenders have a slight benefit with the warranty due to the longer coverage on both new and reconditioned models. Both companies offer free shipping covering both ways for any blender returned within the warranty period.


Blendtec machines start off at $319.95 for the Classic 560, going up to the Tom Dickson Blender which goes for $1,034.95. Vitamix blenders start off higher at $399.00 for the TurboBlend Two Speed and tops off with the Professional Series 750 which goes for $689.00. Both manufacturers also provide refurbished packages which aren’t badly off for those seeking more affordable options. If one is looking for a high-performance blender, they can’t really go wrong with either Blendtec or Vitamix. There are great blenders of excellent quality from both brands which also come with full warranties.